Doing the work!

Being a personal trainer isn’t the only thing I do. I have a real job as well. I work in the construction industry. An event happened today where a young lad who works for the same company, was let go at the end of his probation. I had to take the lad home. on the […]

Being OK with it.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, I’ll be honest and just tell you I haven’t really had the inspiration for it. I’ve been involved in life’s rich fucking tapestry, ha ha. I’ll start with my inspiration for this blog.. it has been brewing for some time. I train people, I help people get fitter. […]

Your feet know what they are doing.

I was training someone a few weeks ago and about half way through the session I had put in some agility exercises. One of the routines was a simple bunny hop over a battle rope layed out on the floor. A fairly straight forward thing to do but the client really struggled with it. After […]

Becoming “in”

Becoming “IN” At the beginning of summer this year, my 39th birthday was only a few months away, this familiar feeling started to circulate my brain. This feeling was one of a level of disappointment, one of under achievement. I kept asking myself, what have I done with my life, where was I going. I […]